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  1. It’s a tricky topic to tackle to be sure, but I love your take on it because it’s real. To me, balance isn’t about spending equal parts of your day on each of the things that you love (or need), it’s much more of a process of ebb and flow and constant reflection. I didn’t actually participate in the link up, but loved the topic so much I’m sharing my thoughts on it today.

  2. I love that you set aside time for your family – it is what’s most important especially when your kids are young. At the same time it’s so impressive that you are working so hard for your goals – keep it up and also keep tweaking your balance, one day it will all come together and it will be perfect for you. xo

  3. Finding a work/life balance as a working mum seems impossible. Add to that a blog, a marriage, hobbies (although I’m not sure I remember what they are anymore) and trying to find that magical ‘me’ time, it all gets a little overwhelming. You are amazing for taking on what you do and at the end of the day I don’t think work/life balance is what we are really after. We all just want to be happy. xo

  4. Wow! You are busy! But I think the quick breaks you may get when you shut it all down and be are vital and sometimes we don’t value them enough.

  5. I have been struggling with this a lot lately. I was spending way too much time working on different work things that I started to feel myself getting more and more overwhelmed…and of course I kept taking on more and more things even though I knew that I already had enough going on. So I had to take a little bit of a step back these past couple weeks. I have been posting 5 days a week for months now and I only had 3 post a week these past 2 weeks and at first I felt like I was failing but I realized it’s okay to take a little “me” time sometimes. You are doing absolutely amazing tho! Fulltime job, momma, blog, and now a magazine! You go girl!!

  6. Love that idea that it’s OK when we don’t have perfect balance, and not to beat ourselves up for it (and in turn, compound the situation)! Trying is what matters and then, really living in that moment when balance does happen!

  7. I’m the same way – always doing something. For me, it is in the different things that I find balance. People have different needs, and some people find it in doing things. As the relationships you value aren’t hindered from your choices, I think it is perfectly fine! Cant wait to check out your magazine!

  8. I’m a lot like you…between working full time and managing my blog and other projects, my mind is always going! I like to always be doing something instead of just sitting around, lol. It’s definitely a challenge to balance it all, but it sounds like you have the right priorities and you’re doing a great job! 😉

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