Henry: 01 Month

Dear Henry,

You've been in our life for a month now.  Where has that time gone already?  You are so, so loved and every day we can't believe that you're really ours.  We stare at your little face, mesmerized by the faces you make, curious as to what the world looks like to you, and thinking about how lucky we are that you joined our family.  You've had visitors come to see you every single weekend since you were born and everyone is just as smitten with you as we are.  You're such a good baby.  You sleep well, you eat well, and you are pretty much always in a good mood.  Every once in awhile we have a few hours of rough times, but one look at your face and your Dad and I immediately forget the frustration.  We still can't quite figure out who you look like the most, but we're thinking you have my eyes and mouth and Dad's nose and ears.  You're still so tiny that even newborn clothing is often too big for you- but regardless, you look SO damn cute in everything we put you in.  You have a closet full of clothes that we can't wait for you to wear and are definitely going to be one styling little man.  At your one month appointment, you were 8 pounds, 12 ounces (you've grown so much!) and 20 1/4 inches!  I love that I get to spend every day with you, and as soon as Dad comes home at night, he immediately takes you from me so he can get in his own snuggle time.

Your "monkey face" cracks us up • You purse your lips when I come at you to kiss you, clearly you know that I'm not going to stop kissing you ... ever • You open your mouth nice and wide any time we come close to your mouth • You are nice and calm with your washcloth while in the bathtub • You're an excellent snuggler and love to be near us • You have the softest skin and the brightest eyes • When you wake up and stretch, it always cracks us up • You often stick your arm up in a fist while you're sleeping • When we have you on our chest, you keep your head lifted up so that you can look at our faces • You've held your bottle more than once while we feed you - baby genius?

Y O U   L O V E

01 | Being held
02 | Falling asleep on our chest
03 | Baths (now that we get you covered with a warm washcloth)
04 | Being swaddled
05 | Dad's beard (on the top of your head)
06 | Having your hair brushed
07 | Music
08 | Having your hand rubbed

Y O U   D O N ' T   L O V E

01 | Being changed
02 | Dad's beard (on your face)
03 | Your swing (maybe someday...)
04 | Tummy time

We're so, so glad that you're in our life, Henry. We love you. Mom and Dad Weight: 8.12 lbs (under 5th percentile) Height: 20.25 inches (under 5th percentile)