Henry: 03 Months

Dear Henry,

Oh buddy, this month was so much better than last month.  You have begun smiling and giggling (still waiting for that first belly laugh!) and you're always so happy.  We also battled your first cold.  In the process of your first cold, your Dad and I realized that we have that parent's intuition because we just knew you were "off".  You weren't our normal happy baby.  Luckily it only lasted a few days and you were back to knocking our socks off with that smile.  This month too you got to spend a full week with Daddy, a full week with Grams Joy, and a full week with Grammie Lynne.  Talk about spoiled!!  Starting next week we have to take you to daycare and to say that I am devastated by that is a total understatement.  I know that you're going to have a great time there, but I wish I could just stay home and snuggle you all day long.

Every single night your Dad and I put you near us and just play with you and you coo and smile and giggle and it is truly the best time of my life.  You have Dad's crooked smile and I couldn't love it any more.  We've been trying to figure out who you look most like (we know you have Dad's smile and my eyes), but really, you just look like our sweet little Henry.

We've finally got you moved out of the bassinet and into the crib- but we're still waiting for the time that you sleep through the night.  Hopefully this will be the month!  But you're so much easier these days that even when we get up with you at night to feed you, you fall right back to sleep- and let me tell you, your Dad and I REALLY appreciate that.  You crack us up with your independence.  At night now when we're eating we can sit you in the recliner by yourself and you'll just sit there and watch TV- perfectly peaceful.  And that is also when you seem to smile the most.  I wish I could freeze this time because it feels perfect.  But I'm also just dying to see what your personality will be like in the coming years- and to watch you play with Dad and grow up to be a gentleman.

Y O U   L O V E

+ Watching TV - I have to physically turn your head away when I'm trying to feed you!
+ Pear juice
+ Everyone!  You're such a smiley happy, boy
+ Your pacifier - we're trying to break you of that
+ Kicking and splashing - after your baths your Dad and I look like WE took baths!
+ Sitting in the recliner all by yourself
+ Photos on the wall
+ Going for walks / drives

Y O U   D O N ' T   L O V E

+ Apple juice - especially when it's cold!
+ Hiccups - they didn't use to bother you, now you hate them
+ Tummy time - though we can usually get you to nap on your belly if you're REALLY tired

We love you Henry.  So, so much. Mom & Dad

Weight: 12.9 lbs. (25th percentile)

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