Henry: 04 Months

Dear Henry,

I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that you're four months old!  It feels like you've been in our lives forever and at the same time it feels like you were just born.  You have been sick most of this last month because of daycare and we feel badly about it daily but I have to say, you're taking it all like a CHAMP.  Even when we can tell you feel miserable (through your coughing and sniffles), you're still giving us big grins and giggling.  You are THISCLOSE to giving us a full out laugh.  In fact just last night we thought it was the night.  So we're hoping within the next week we'll get to hear that sweet sound.  You're also now able to roll over from your tummy to your back even though you don't appreciate having to do it.  Tummy time is still not your favorite but you're doing SO WELL at it!  Your head and neck is so strong and I'm constantly impressed with you.  We take you to the doctor tomorrow for your 4 month checkup and we're hoping you've gained a little bit of weight and height.  But if not, you'll just be my little peanut, and I'm okay with that.You are such a pleasant, happy baby and we are constantly thankful for that.  We take nightly family walks around the neighborhood and you're always totally on board with it- sometimes just looking around, sometimes falling asleep, but never making a peep.  You're always smiling, and as long as we're within sight, you will spend hours just laying there looking at us.  You and I get to spend every Friday together since I don't work and I have to tell you, I look forward to that day every single week.  There's nowhere I'd rather be than hanging out with you and Dad.

Y O U   L O V E

+ Smiling
+ Mom and Dad
+ Pacifier (unfortunately)
+ Being Swaddled (unfortunately)
+ Being Naked
+ Your Hand
+ Bath Time
+ Sleeping Near Mom and Dad
+ Being In a Moving Car or Stroller
+ Your Tongue (you've recently discovered it and you're constantly sticking it out)

Y O U   D O N ' T   L O V E

+ Tummy Time
+ Not Being Center of Attention (as told to us by daycare)
+ Nose Sucker (which has had to be used a lot recently)
+ Sleeping (you haven't been doing much of that lately- you'd rather be part of the action

Thank you, Henry.  Thank you for being the best part of our lives. We love you, Mom and Dad

Weight: 13.14 lbs (25th percentile) Height: 24 inches (10th percentile)

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