New Shoes & Hair, Same Baby

New York & Co. cardigan | J.Crew tank | Gap skirt | Forever 21 shoes

So, I went and got my hair done, and totally chickened out on the short hair I was talking to you guys about.  But, BUT, I did get 3 inches cut off, and went significantly darker.  However, it's supposed to be more ombre than it is, so I'm going back on Wednesday night to get it fixed a bit.  It's not any easier for me to manage because there is just. so. much.  But I do like it for now, though I'm sure in about a week I'll be missing my longer hair.

Now, let's talk about these shoes.  I'm in love with them because they're hot, because they were inexpensive, and because they're comfortable.  And I think you should all buy them.

Finally, that baby.  Sometimes I look at him and just want to squeal because he's just so cute.  And then he smiles at me and my heart explodes into a million pieces.  Who knew having a baby would be so great?  (Oh, right, all of you who told me for years to have one.)