To The Max

 As I was taking pictures, that little guy above was making noises and "talking" to me the whole time.  Probably trying to tell me new poses to try, or that I'm doing it wrong.  Clearly he has the model thing down.

Forever 21 dress // Forever 21 shoes // Old Navy cardigan

Target necklace (old) // c/o Onecklace Henry necklace // Gap sunnies

It's a glorious day when I find a maxi dress that actually fits me.  Apparently all maxi dresses are created for people who are supermodel height.  Or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place.  Either way, I can never find ones that work for me.  And then this dress from Forever 21 came into my life.  Perfect length and inexpensive?  Yes, please.

I'm sending B off to golf this weekend with a friend while I enjoy time with my mom and Henry.  She hasn't had the chance to see him since Mother's Day and he is basically a totally different baby now!  I'm excited to have a day just the three of us.  I hope that whatever you are doing, it involves a lot of happiness and laughing.