Dream Jobs

When you were growing up, what did you dream of becoming?  I always thought I'd be a teacher.  And then there was the time I liked playing librarian.  And of course I wanted to be a hair stylist- exclusively for Barbie.  Let's not forget that my first real dream job was to work for McDonalds.  All the free fries I can eat?!  Yes, please!  (Stealing was never a factor, naturally.)  As you get older, do you stop dreaming about what your dream job would be?  Do we just begin to think in more realistic terms as to what we can actually achieve?

I still have grandiose ideas for where my career will take me.  Will they ever come about?  Most likely not, but what's wrong with a little day dream?  And now with the world that we're living in, who's to say that these day dreams wouldn't become a reality?


When I think about my dream job, I first think about all of the things I love:

* Writing * Fashion * Design * Social Media * Branding / Marketing

And then I think about the environments that I thrive in:

* Fast Paced * Collaborative * Creative * Always Changing

And then I add in all of those industries that have always appealed to me:

* Magazines * Architecture * Fashion / Styling

I think of having a big corner office with an amazing view.  I think of having a support team around me full of people who are incredibly creative and inspiring.  I think of leading meetings where the excitement is overflowing in the room because we're just thrilled about our next project.  But when I'm thinking of these, I also dream of being home every day by 5 pm to cuddle with Henry and have dinner with my husband.  I dream of having the weekends off to be a mom and a wife.  So how exactly do we bring something like this to reality?  How do you marry your desire for a career with your desire for a personal life?

What does your dream job look like?