Henry: 05 Months

Dear Henry,

You are at such a fun age.  Your dad and I are constantly talking about how fun, how happy, and of course, how handsome you are.  But seriously, this is such a great age.  You're still immobile for the most part, but you're definitely wanting to sit up.  You're constantly "talking" to us and you've learned to fake cough to get attention.  Don't worry buddy, we're already paying attention!  You know the best part of this past month?   Y O U   L A U G H E D ! ! !   It was the most amazing sound.  I cannot wait until you are doing it constantly.  Seeing your face light up and that giggle come from the bottom of your belly, it was incredible.  In other news, you're still not a great sleeper.  I'm convinced it's just because there is so much to explore around you.  From the beginning people have always remarked about how alert you are.  And it's true.  It's like you're absorbing as much into a day as you possibly can.  Including your Dad and I.  The way you watch us (especially him) with such intensity is amazing.

At night we're still swaddling you to get you to sleep longer.  But if we don't, the positions that we find you in are so hysterical.  It's like you're stretching out as far as your little limbs will possibly go.  We were on a roll for awhile where you were sleeping through the night.  But then you got sick and we've only had a few nights of it since then.  But we're getting there.

Another thing?  People are amazed at what a good baby you are.  You'll let anyone hold you.  You'll just be content no matter where you are and you don't make a peep.  Case in point?  For the 4th of July holiday, we had a few people who were shocked when you started to whine because you were hungry because they hadn't heard you make a noise in over a day!  So as long as you're fed and not tired, you're in the best of moods and we feel incredibly fortunate that we have such a happy baby. You pass out smiles to everyone who glances your way (and what a smile it is!) and you definitely have that same charm that your Dad has.  I cannot wait to see what you're like as you get older.

Y O U   L O V E

+ Standing! Every time we hold you up to stand, you start grinning.  And you've even begun pushing yourself up to stand.  Dare I say you'll be walking before you crawl?
+ Bath time + Bananas and Prunes
+ When I do "ba ba ba ba ba" over your mouth
+ Licking anything and everything
+ "Talking"- you get SO LOUD!  But you only do it front of your Dad and I.  Shy?
+ Swings!
+ Sitting in the recliner by yourself

Y O U   D O N ' T   L O V E

+ Tummy time (still)- but you're much more used to it at this point and just flip yourself over when you get mad
+ Not being swaddled- it's the only way we can get you to sleep for long periods of time
+ Green Beans
+ Being Tickled
+ Not being the center of attention

We love you Henry, Mom and Dad

Weight: 15.2 lbs (24th percentile) Height: 24.5 inches (5th percentile) Head: 16.75 inches (54th percentile)

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