Living On Purpose

As I've mentioned, having a baby completely shifts everything you think you knew about life.  Suddenly you're seeing the world through a tiny person's eyes, exploring things you had long forgotten about, learning how to live all over again.  It's through this new experience of being a Mom that I've come to live differently.  In these five short months I've begun living on purpose.  Rather than muddling through each day, letting one day flow into the next, I've begun to really stop and take in my surroundings.  To each day make a mental catalog of the things that make me happy, make me smile.  To let the little things roll away and focus on the bigger picture.  My husband, my son.  My family.  Each night as we take a family walk and I see Henry taking in the big blue sky or the tall trees, I wonder just what it is that he sees.  And so I look too, I look at the shape of the leaves and the texture of the bark.  And I think how nice it is to appreciate these things that I've long taken for granted.

I want to love harder, fiercer, stronger.

I want to be a better friend, wife, daughter, sister, mom.

I want to dream big and not be afraid to fail.

I want to give the best parts of me to Henry.

photo via; text and graphics by sarah hartley