Top 10 Baby Must Haves


If I've learned anything in these first five months with Henry, it's that there are certain products that become your life-savers.  I know that every baby is different, but I thought I'd share our baby must haves in case you're pregnant or have a new little one.





one // Halo Sleepsack Swaddle // I have a very restless baby.  He is constantly flailing around and waking himself up.  From day one he's had to be swaddled to sleep.  It's the only way we can get him to sleep through the night.  At this point, he seems to have a favorite swaddle and it's this Halo fleece sleepsack (even in the hot temperatures of summer).  The great thing about this is it makes you look like an expert swaddler, even if you were barely paying attention in the hospital (ahem).


two // Britax Back Seat Mirror // We travel A LOT.  And our trips are usually 3+ hours at a time.  Luckily our man is a good little traveler, but we've LOVED having this back seat mirror so we can always keep one eye on him.  Otherwise that's three hours without knowing what he's doing or if he's okay!


three // Diaper Genie // I know these are one of those things that people tell you you don't need, and really, you probably don't.  But we've loved having ours.  We stuck the Diaper Genie right next to the changing table so that we never have to worry about walking away to throw away the offensive diaper.  I don't think it blocks all the smells like it claims (can anything?!) but it definitely helps.


four // Baby Einstein Activity Bouncer Seat // We purchased this in the last couple months when we realized how much our little man loves to kick and stand up.  It helps to strengthen his legs and back while he's checking out all the toys.  And he seems to have a weird obsession with the red bird.  Incredibly fun to watch.


five // Graco Classic Connect // Our stroller / car seat combo was bought by my in-laws and I love it.  I've always heard horror stories about how difficult strollers can be to open and close while you're trying to hold a baby.  This one isn't.  It collapses so easily.  And I love that it also came with a car seat.


six // DadGear Messenger Diaper Bag // I'm not a fan of typical diaper bags.  They're a bit too flowery for me.  Plus I didn't want to have two diaper bags for B and I.  So instead I found one that I knew we'd both love.  DadGear has really great diaper bags that men don't mind carrying- and I'm also in love with this one. Plenty of compartments and room for formula, a few bottles, diapers, wipes, bibs, etc.


seven // Summer Infant Video Monitor // This video monitor solved all of my new mom paranoia.  Once we moved him into his own room, I spent many a sleepless night staring at this making sure he was okay.  It's great quality and so portable.  We're able to just quickly take it off the wall and take it on the road with us so that we can use it no matter where we are.  And the distance on it is fantastic.


eight // Homedics Sound Spa // Another of Henry's must-haves is noise.  He's like his Dad in that he can't sleep when it's quiet.  So we've always had this sound machine on (usually on Ocean) and he sleeps peacefully with it.  It's another thing we always take on the road with us.


nine // Fisher Price Bouncer Seat // My mom borrowed this from my cousin to have at her house whenever we'd visit.  Henry loved it so much that I stole it to permanently have at our house.  I have no idea what it is about this very simple seat but it's his favorite place to sit while I get ready for work in the morning.


ten // Baby Scale // I love having this scale around. Since we don't see the doctor every month now I like having it so I can keep track of his weight and mark it down each month.  And once he's old enough to sit / stand on it, the top part comes off and it's an adorable dog face.


PS... This is not a sponsored post.  All of these items we have and love and have saved us a great deal of sanity in these first five months.