My Greatest Adventure

It's not a stamp in a passport, but it is admission to a new group.

It's not being enveloped in a new culture, but it is learning a new language.

It's not walking lost in a circle, but it is dizzying and confusing.

It's not over in a flash, but it is too short.

Having a baby is my greatest adventure.  One that I was not prepared for.  One that I wasn't certain of what it would entail.  It's an adventure that I am taking every single day, one that will never end.  It's an adventure that involves learning something new every day- seeing something through someone else's eyes.  It's challenging and exciting and confusing and life-changing- everything a great adventure should be.  Having a baby wakes you up and forces a new perspective.  It makes you feel like the greatest failure and the greatest success all at the same time.  You wake up every day not certain of where the day will take you.  Will you turn left or right?  Are you doing everything you can to soak it all in, to take a second and look around and realize just what life has become?  Having a baby feels like you've taken a trip around the world in one day and it's the greatest ride of your life.  And it's one adventure you hope will never end.

 Henry, you are my greatest adventure.