The Case Against 8

Over the weekend B and I watched The Case Against 8, a documentary on Proposition 8 in California.  I've always been a HUGE supporter of gay marriage.  I have witnessed several completely in love same-sex couples that deserve to be just as happily married as I am.  But watching this movie now as a parent made me even more mad than normal.  I keep hoping that when Henry is old enough to understand what same-sex marriage means, that this whole fight for equality will be a thing of the past.  That he'll think of it NOT being acceptable the same way I feel about segregation, that it's totally insane and he can't believe it was ever an issue.

If someday my son comes to me and tells me that he has fallen in love with a man, my response will be the same as if he had said he had fallen in love with a woman- "Is he good enough for you?  If he hurts you, I'll break his legs!"  As a parent, I cannot imagine having to stand by and watch my son be in love with someone that he is not legally allowed to marry.  That our society would tell him that he is somehow less than his heterosexual peers.  I cannot fathom my son having to walk around with people discriminating against him just because of who he is in love with.  I think the most important part is that he would be in love- he'd be happy.

I don't often discuss such controversial issues, but after watching this documentary and shaking my head with B throughout, it really had me thinking about the future.  About the type of world Henry will be living in.  B and I plan to teach him to accept all people, no matter their beliefs, lifestyle, skin color or religion.  And I can only hope that other parents of my generation will be teaching the same, so that our kids will have the chance to grow up in a world that is much more accepting.