Depression Lies

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Originally this post was about something different.  And then I heard the news about Robin Williams.  I love Robin Williams.  I've loved him since I understood what comedy was.  And to boot, I've always thought that he looked just like my Dad.  The piercing blue eyes and mischevious smile.  He was the spitting image of my Dad as I grew up.  For some reason the news of his death really made me sad.  Mostly because he took his own life.  I have been lucky in that I've never suffered from depression but have known plenty who have and do.  I will never understand the desire to end your life, and I only wish I could help those that do.  One of my favorite bloggers is The Bloggess.  She is a woman who I find laugh out loud funny, but who suffers from terrible depression.  She often tweets out "Depression lies" to those who are having trouble.  And it's true.  I hope that when things like this happen, we all take a moment and reach out to those that might be having a hard time.  And if you are having a hard time, talk to someone.  PLEASE.I found it strangely appropriate that on this day I happened to be wearing a Peter Pan collar, when one of my favorite Robin Williams movies is Hook.  Here's to you, Robin Williams.  Thank you for the laughs, for the smiles, and for reminding us all that there can be problems just below the surface, and it's okay to seek help.