Henry: 06 Months

Dear Henry,

Six months?  SIX MONTHS??  How is this even possible?  At some point you've gone from being a lump of a newborn to an increasingly independent little boy.  It seems like these days you're learning something new every day- whether it's a new sound (squealing!), a new skill (sitting up!), or observing what's around you (the cat!), you're growing up before our eyes.  One day you were super wobbly when we tried to sit you up, the next day you're sitting up and playing with toys.  You've also started to really be into your toys and you love to play.  The funniest thing this month?  You've learned we have a cat.  Yes, we've always had him (and he doesn't seem to like you, sorry...) but you just discovered this furball running around avoiding you.  And you are OBSESSED with him.  Anytime he's around we can't get you to look anywhere else, and you just grin at him.  When you're on our lap and he's behind us laying on the top of the couch, you're constantly reaching out trying to touch him.  LUCKILY he's a very good cat and lets you grab at him for a few seconds before getting up and running away.  I have a feeling your relationship with him is going to be an interesting one.

You're also sleeping through the night now, which we very much appreciate.  You go to sleep around 9:00 after a walk and a bath, wake up around 11 for your last bottle and then you sleep until I have to wake you up by 7:00 to leave for daycare.  We're still waiting for those first teeth to pop through- you've been showing signs of teething for months now, but still we wait.  I can't tell you how often people say to us "What a happy baby!".  And you are.  You're constantly smiling and giggling and very rarely cranky (except maybe at daycare I hear...).  And of course we have strangers stopping us to tell us how handsome you are.  You are absolutely the very best part of our lives and we are thankful everyday that you made your way into our lives.

Y O U   L O V E

+ Us!  (Thankfully.)
+ Your toys, especially ones that you can kick or stand up in
+ Touching our faces
+ The baby in the mirror
+ Being swaddled (still)
+ Your pacifier (still)
+ Sitting up by yourself
+ Being outside
+ Grabbing everything you can get your hands on
+ Kicking
+ Chewing on everything you can get your hands on
+ "Talking"
+ Squealing
+ Standing

Y O U   D O N ' T   L O V E

+ Being hungry (Hangry Hank we call you!)
+ Being sleepy and not getting to lie down
+ Having your schedule messed with (when we go out of town, it's a nightmare for a couple days to get you back to "normal")
+ Getting dressed- sorry, you can't just be a naked baby all the time

We love you Henry, Mom and Dad

HEIGHT: 26 inches (20th percentile) WEIGHT: 16 lbs. (25th percentile)

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