Little Loves

Since I became a Mom, it's seems more often that I stop and appreciate the little things that make me happy every day.  So yesterday I took out my camera throughout the day and took snapshots of all the little things that made me smile and made me feel that this life that I'm leading is amazing.

I get to start my morning with this little guy, who is basically a pro at sitting up now.

I love when we're walking and he grabs on so tight to me because he knows I'll always protect him.

Dew on my windshield (which reminds me that my favorite season is coming), and a beautiful sunrise.

Pennsylvania, you beautiful bitch, you.

I love getting to visit the schools we designed during work.

Electric yellow pants and leopard print shoes make my desk a little brighter.

The smile that I get after daycare is the best part of my day.

And then we get home and we talk about his day (though he always takes his "report card" from me to look at himself)

Maybe THIS is the best part of my day, after work/daycare snuggles and a nap.

Playing with the baby in the mirror.

Bath time is a family affair.  Maybe THIS is my favorite part of the day.

A family walk after dinner.

And when my boys are in bed, it's time for me to get back to work- with a little HGTV in the background.