Spinning Plates

Do you ever get that feeling that maybe you have too much going on?  I happened to glance at my calendar the other day and noticed that my weekends have been booked from the beginning of June until mid-September.  Yes, EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND.  I love having plans as much as the next guy, but when those plans involve also having to cart around little man and then having to deal with his over-tiredness from not sleeping in his own bed?  Well, those plans start to feel a little overwhelming.  And then there's the realization that each week night is jam packed with trying to fit everything in.  Between a full-time job and full-time mommyhood and full-time wifehood, there's also this blog, my newspaper column, new design work and stressing about personal details that I can't share just yet.

I'm up at 6 to (hopefully) get myself ready before little man wakes up.  When he does, it's time to eat and change and then attempt to entertain him while I'm continuing to get ready for work.  At 7 it's off to daycare and work.  I'm out of work at 4 and pick him up by 4:15.  We hang out and cuddle for about an hour and then he's ready for nap 1.  Often times I let him sleep on me for a bit before putting him in his bed.  At some point, B gets home from work and the gym and we take turns eating dinner while the other one entertains Henry who has most likely woken up at this point.  After we've both eaten and cleaned up the kitchen, it's time for our family walk.   Our family walk usually lasts about a half hour and B and I get to get caught up on our days and chat while Henry takes in the outside world.  After that is bath time which is a short time, but it's also family time.  It's nice that for those 15 minutes we're completely ignoring our phones and just being.  Around 9, Henry is down and B is headed off to bed, too.  That's when I sit down to work- whether that's preparing my blog post for the next day, working on my newspaper column, design work for clients, or answering emails, I'm doing that for about an hour and a half.  Around 11-11:30 Henry is up again to eat what we hope is his last meal until morning.  I feed him, rock him back to sleep and if he's being kind, he's back in bed within 20 minutes.  And that's when I head to bed for the night.

I'm exhausted every single day.  I know that I have too much going on- I always have.  B and I had a talk about that when I was pregnant, that I was going to need to slow down once the baby came, but it never happened.  I'm not real sure how to make it happen.  Doing all of these things that I love doesn't often feel like work, though it definitely is and my body lets me know that it is.  I used to be able to go-go-go for a month or so before I'd crash.  Now I'm lucky if I get a week.  Henry appears to have come into my life for many reasons, one of them being the excuse that I think I need to cut back and slow down and just enjoy life.I want to know how you balance everything.  How do you keep all of your plates spinning at once?