The Shutdown

Sometimes I forget how good it feels to just shut down and really take care of myself.

After having a long, stressful and very busy week, last night I didn't even pick up my laptop to work.  I picked up my iPad, not to respond to emails or approve comments, but to read.

And then I did the best thing I could've possibly done for myself.  I shut down all the electronics and climbed into bed- at 8:30!  Normally I'm up until at least midnight working (yes, after working at my full-time job all day).  But last night, with the onset of a cold happening, Henry sound asleep for an hour, and my husband ready to fall asleep too, we called it a night.  We climbed into our warm bed and we fell asleep.  And wouldn't you know it- Henry slept all night too.  He slept from 7:30 pm until 7:00 am.  He didn't even wake up for his pacifier several times a night like he normally does.

There must've been a fog over our whole house.  We were all exhausted from the week.  Life had taken its toll.  So we all did the best thing for ourselves and we slept.  And we slept well.

What do you do when life has become overwhelming?