How Do You Make Friends?

When you get to a certain age in life, how do you make friends?  Without the opportunity of dorm room parties, study groups or bar hopping, how do you meet new people?  Brandon and I have been in our city for over three years now and with the exception of a few friends who live too far away for regular visits (looking at you Kelly and Arliss!) and friends I've made through work, all our close friends still live over three hours away.  We don't have that solid group of friends out here like we do back at "home".  We don't have the people we can call up on a Tuesday and ask if they want to come over for dinner and a couple drinks.  But how do you find that when you're out of school?

I know that as Henry gets older, we'll become more involved with parent type things at school, but until then I'm at a loss.  We each work full time and are frequently gone on weekends so we aren't able to get involved in anything in our local community (if there even is anything to get involved in). And we miss having that camaraderie, having people to call at the last minute on a Saturday night when we decide to go to dinner.  Our plans with friends usually have to be made weeks or months in advance since it involves travel.

So, I want to hear it from you- how do you make friends?  If you're living away from "home", how did you meet new people?