How Does He Find Me Attractive?

How does he still find me attractive?

I have stretch marks where my abs used to be.

I have a few extra (*ahem, ten) pounds around my waist.

My hair is unwashed and hasn't seen a brush in days.

The bags under my eyes look like they are holding a small family.

I haven't showered.  I haven't shaved.

My clothes are tighter.

My shoulders are slumped over from the exhaustion.

And is that spit up on my shirt?  Yes, that's spit up on my shirt.

And yet, there he is looking at me.  Smiling at me.  He tells me I'm beautiful.  And he looks at me like he means it.  And somehow he does mean it.  He kisses me.  Holds me tight, extra pounds and all.  Wants to be near me.

Even though I can't imagine how, somehow he still finds me attractive.  He still thinks I'm beautiful.