I'm Scared

I know he's only seven months old, but I'm scared for Henry's future.  I'm scared to send him to school, to be out alone in the world without his dad or I nearby.  I'm scared for him to be bullied and picked on about things he has no control over.  I'm scared he'll be at school someday when a classmate pulls out a gun.  I'm scared he'll see violence that no child should see.  I'm scared that I can't protect him from all of the pain in the world.

At the risk of sounding incredibly old, the world was not like this when I was in school.  There weren't school shootings each month.  There wasn't bullying to the point of suicide.  There weren't classmates maliciously attacking other classmates for fun.  I'm scared.  Of course, I'm not naive.  Things weren't perfect.  There WAS still bullying and violence and fighting.  But not like this.  Not like today.

I'm scared that no matter how good of a person I teach my son to be, that it doesn't guarantee his safety.  That it doesn't guarantee his innocence.

I want to teach him independence and freedom and allow him to go out and be the good person that we teach him to be.  But I also want him to stay in the safety of my own home, where I can protect him from all the evil in the world.  But the scary thing is even that doesn't guarantee his safety.  We could be at the mall shopping for Christmas, and lose our lives to violence.  We could be on a Mother and Son date at the movies and be subject to open fire.

I'm scared for Henry's future.  I'm scared of what this world has become.  I'm scared of what is in store for him.  How can we possibly change the world to end the violence?