New Specs

 Forever 21 top // American Eagle jeans // H&M loafers // Victoria's Secret scarf // c/o Firmoo glasses

I'm a girl who likes options.  I like having a constant stream of new clothes (though I don't anymore because I'm trying to be "responsible"), I like re-decorating (also when I can afford it), and I like changing up my look when I can, mostly with new hair.  Over the weekend Brandon colored my hair for me (as part of our money saving process) and I took some new specs for a ride.  I've tried out Firmoo before and each time I've used them, I still have nothing but good things to say.  I like that they have a virtual try on so you can get an idea of how they'll look (though I do have that problem where they seem to look cute on the website but not always as cute in person), I like that they have SO many styles, and mostly I like that they're inexpensive.  This means that I can buy lots of different glasses so I can change up my look when I'm feeling the need (which is frequent).  So if you're looking to change up your glasses style as frequently as I am, I honestly do recommend Firmoo.