Who I Am As a Mother

Watching football in our Browns gear

I am a mother who... Doesn't trust anyone else with her precious baby Kisses her son constantly Makes up ridiculous songs to make him smile, and then feels embarrassed to sing them in front of others I am a mother who... Speeds to daycare every day after work because one more minute away from him is too long Lets him fall asleep on her every night, even if it's developing bad sleeping habits Rarely does her hair or makeup (as evidenced in the photo below) because she'd rather snuggle him I am a mother who... Worries constantly if he's happy, healthy and where he "should" be Wonders if she's doing a good job Lights up immediately when he smiles at her

I am a mother who... Knows that her life is no longer balanced, and is mostly filled with her son Wishes she did a better job of balancing wifely duties with motherly duties Wonders how she got so lucky to have such a happy baby

I am a mother who... Looks at her son and sees her husband's smile and her eyes and feels grateful that he's a mixture of both Rushes to him as soon as he cries, even if it reinforces bad habits Knows now the feeling of unconditional, all consuming love.