9 Things New Moms Should Know

Henry at one day old.  I can't even believe how much he has changed.

1.  You will think of your life in two parts- before baby and after baby.

In your before baby life, you were free to go about your life as you pleased.  In your after baby life, you must answer to the tiny dictator in the crib.

2.  You will learn to cherish ten minutes to yourself in the shower.

Sometimes I just stand in the shower, letting the water run over me because it's quiet, no one needs anything from me, and did I mention it's quiet.

3.  You will feel resentful of your partner.

Did he get more sleep than you last night?  Did you get up more often with the baby?  Did you change more diapers than he did?  Did he get to leave the house longer than you did?  You'll compare everything, especially in the beginning, and chances are, he'll do the same.  But just so you know, that doesn't do anyone any good.

4.  You will feel worried every minute of every day, even if it isn't at the forefront of your mind.

You'll worry about the day-to-day- is your baby eating enough, sleeping enough, pooping enough?  You'll worry about if he's advancing quickly enough.  You'll worry about when he goes to school- will he make friends?  Will he be bullied?  You'll worry about his future- with all of the terrible things happening in the world- will he even HAVE a future in this world?  And sometimes all of these thoughts will run through your mind within minutes.  And you'll just have to take a deep breath and do the best you can.

5.  You'll forget what a full night of sleep felt like.

A whole night of sleep without having to get up for a pacifier, or to re-cover, or to feed, or to just comfort?  What is that like?

6.  You will learn to eat faster.

Even if your baby is occupied, it's almost guaranteed that as soon as you sit down to eat, your baby will need something, anything, from you and won't stop crying until you set your fork down and give it to him.

7.  You will hear your baby cry no matter how dead asleep you think you are.

Vicious thunderstorm outside?  You're still fast asleep.  Your baby makes a peep?  You jolt out of bed like someone threw ice water on you.

8.  Being a parent will be so much harder than you thought it would be.

The sleepless nights, the pain, the worry, the expense, the frustration, the change in your marriage, the change in yourself, the loss of a social life, the fact that everything becomes infinitely harder because someone is attached at your hip?  Yeah, it's harder than you thought.

9.  Being a parent will be so much better than you thought it would be.

The cuddles, the sweet smells, the smiles, the laughs, the hugs, the kisses, the fact that this tiny person thinks that you are the best thing in the world and that they need you?  It is one million times better that you can even imagine.

You will have bad days (very bad days sometimes), but in one instant, everything can change when that baby smiles at you as you walk into a room.  There is nothing like the feeling of being everything to someone.  It is overwhelming and exhausting but there is absolutely nothing like being a parent.