Diary Of A Full Time Working Mom

6:00  My alarm goes off.  If Henry is already awake and babbling, I go get him and crawl back into bed and hit the snooze.  If he's still sleeping, I still hit the snooze.

6:25  After hitting the snooze a few more times, I finally get up.  If Henry has fallen back asleep, I cover him up and slip out of bed.  If he's awake, I sit him up on the bed and surround him with toys so I can go about getting myself ready.

6:30  I'm frantically searching my closet for anything that I don't hate on this post-baby body.

6:40  I'm most likely still searching my closet while also running back and forth to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth and put my contacts in.  I'm also entertaining Henry with games of Peek-a-Boo and doing silly dances to make sure he's still entertained.  If he starts whining, game over.

6:50  I get Henry ready for daycare.  We play the scream game on the changing table followed by "Who is the handsome baby in the mirror?"

7:05  We're out the door to daycare.

7:07  We walk into daycare (it's quite literally across the street- it takes me longer to strap him into his carseat than it does to drive him there).

7:08  I'm chatting with the daycare ladies.  Note to any first time moms who have to leave their babies at daycare- take a few extra minutes each day and get to know the women (or men) taking care of your baby- it'll make you feel SO much better.  I snuggle the crap out of Henry for a few minutes, give him too many kisses to count, and leave him.

7:09  As soon as I'm back in my car, I feel depressed.  I really hate having to leave him.  Granted, it's easier now than it once was- especially being so busy at work- but it still sucks.  And I have a feeling it always will.

7:20 I get to the office, throw my food in the fridge, fill up my water, and sit down at my desk to start checking emails and voicemails and looking at my to-do list.

7:30-4:00  I'm working and my mind constantly drifts to Henry.  Is he having a good time?  Is he feeling okay?  Is he warm enough?  How's he eating?  Are they paying attention to him?  What toys is he playing with?  These thoughts drift in and out of my head all day long.  But in between them, I'm doing graphic work, designing proposal templates, responding to proposals, sitting in meetings, visiting clients, photographing projects, updating our information, looking for leads, and a lot more.

4:01  I'm out the door of the office and speeding (I apologize) to daycare to pick up my little man.

4:13  I get to daycare, walk in the infant room and am greeted by the biggest, brightest smile that makes everything else seem miniscule and small.  I pick him up and he puts his forehead to mine and opens his mouth wide (for a kiss of course).  We pick up his daily "report card" and head out to the car.

4:16  We're home and playing on the couch.  He is quickly getting sleepy so we spend a few minutes playing and cuddling and "talking" about our days and then he falls asleep on me.  Sometimes I nap with him (hey, I like napping!), sometimes I put him in his crib so that I can get other things done.

5:15  B comes home and we chat a bit about our days, about how Henry did at daycare.

5:30  Henry wakes up from his nap and is so happy to see B.

5:45  I start making my dinner while B feeds Henry a small bottle to tide him over until his nighttime cereal.  I'm usually making a steak salad for myself and try to eat quickly so that B can make his dinner.  We usually eat separately so that if Henry gets cranky, one of us can entertain him so the other can enjoy their dinner.  But we're all in the same room together hanging out.

6:15  B is eating his dinner and I'm playing on the floor with Henry, practicing crawling or standing or pulling himself up.  Sometimes we're sitting on the couch having screaming matches.  He always wins.

6:30  Henry is either playing happily on the floor by himself while B and I relax and watch a show, or the three of us are playing on the floor together.

7:30  Time for Henry's last feeding of the night.  He LOVES his oatmeal cereal so we make a lot of it and he gobbles it down, all the while saying "dadadadadadada" and giggling and squealing.  If we're lucky, he eats all of it and ensures a night of no waking up.

7:45  We let Henry's belly settle and sit on the couch together watching TV or reading a book.

8:00  Bath time!  Henry loves being in the bath and is now in the stage where he's grabbing EVERYTHING.  So we're spending most of our time taking things away from him.

8:10  We call this our Scream Party time.  We have Henry on the changing table getting into pj's and he is constantly laughing and screaming (in a fun way, not a crying way), and talking and babbling.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day when the three of us are just in there having a good time together.

8:20  The lights are all off and I have Henry cozied up on my chest and while he falls asleep he rubs my arms or my face or my side.  He's usually asleep within minutes.

8:30  Henry is in his crib and B and I turn on one of our shows.

9:00  B usually heads to bed around this time and that's when I turn on my computer to work on design client projects, blog posts, respond to emails, basically anything that involves running this little blog business of mine.

10:00-11:00 (If I'm lucky)  I head to bed in the hopes that Henry is going to sleep through the night.  For the last few nights he's been waking up every hour at least once and whining.  (Perhaps we're at the start of teething?)  Which means that B and I have gotten NO SLEEP.  Which then leads to us feeling like zombies at work the next day.  But sometimes I'm lucky to drift off not to awaken again until B's alarm goes off at 5:30 the next morning.