Happy Birthday, Mommy

 Dear Mama,

I don't even know where to start.  I feel like I've told you everything and at the same time that I've not told you enough.  You are the reason I am who I am (both literally and figuratively).  You have given me the confidence, smarts, know-how, and more of that confidence to go after what I want, when I want.  You are the reason I never settle.  Because you always tell me I can do it.  That I can do whatever it is that I want.  And I know that I can because I know I'll always have you standing behind me either waiting to pat me on the back, or waiting to catch me if I fall.

You are also the reason I am the mother that I am.  I have the best role model to look up to.  I can only hope that Henry feels about me someday the way that I feel about you.  That he knows he always has someone to come to, no matter what situation he finds himself in.  I'm also so glad to know that he has you to go to- for those times where he just can't stand B and I, and he needs a little coddle from his Gramma.  You were meant to be a Gramma.

You have been by my side for every single thing that is important to me (aside from my first cheerleading competition, obviously)- from cheering me on at my kindergarten graduation, to making jokes with me while I was in labor.  I'm so proud to have you as my Mom, and so thankful to have you as a friend.

I can't wait to see you in a couple weeks and I hope that you are having the perfect birthday in Florida.

I love you so, so much (and so does B and Henry),


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