Happy Birthday, You

Dear B,

Happy, happy birthday to my husband, my best friend, my partner for life.  You, my friend, are the reason I am who I am today (for good or bad, that's on you!).  I could not ask for a better person to come home to every day, to raise a child with, to have as a role model for my son.  Henry and I are lucky that we have you.  SO lucky.

Just as I knew you would be, you are a fantastic father.  You are loving, and fun, and caring, and responsible.  Watching the way Henry looks at you makes my heart feel as if it's bursting.  He already looks up to you in such a real way that I cannot wait to see how much he idolizes you as he gets older.  He feels safe, he feels loved, and he knows that he will always have you.  And so do I.

I cannot imagine being on this ride with anyone but you.  You are incredible in every sense of the word.  And though we may not have as much time together as Husband and Wife these days, please know that the little time we do have, I hold so close to my heart and it gets me through the tough days.  Thinking back to those little moments (Carol WOULD look good with red hair!) are what keep me smiling when I feel as if I can't take any more.  Knowing that I have you at the end of the day waiting to love me and support me is something that fills my heart so completely.

So to you, on your birthday, there is one simple thing you need to know: Henry and I love you like CRAZY.

I love you, S