Proof I'm No Longer a Fashion Blogger

I no longer consider myself a "fashion" blogger.  Not only because I rarely post outfits any more, or because I spend more time talking your ear off about how adorable my kid is, but also because I'm not sure my style these days qualifies as fashion blogger worthy.  For those who may not believe me, let's examine the photo above and I'll prove it to you.

1- This cardigan is from Dollar General.  No, seriously.  I was there getting medicine and cereal for Henry and as I was leaving, I saw this hanging on a rack and thought "hey, cozy!".  So I bought it and now wear it frequently.

2- I've worn this shirt approximately 37 times in style posts.  I can't help it.  If you want to see my daily style, it generally involves this shirt.  Mostly because it's oversize and work appropriate and since I spend 40 hours of my life a week at work, it's in the rotation a lot.

3- My nail polish doesn't match.  I don't have a lot of time to paint my nails these days (and HATE waiting for it to dry), so whatever polish I manage to put on stays there for weeks until it chips off and usually doesn't match any of my outfits.

4- I never change my bags.  They don't usually match my outfit and I use them same one over and over again because I'm too lazy to move all my stuff from one to another.

5- My jeans don't fit.  I bought them just after having Henry because my maternity jeans were too big, but my pre-baby jeans didn't fit either.  Which means these are too big as I've lost the baby weight, and yet I refuse to part with them.  Also, I'm too lazy (and cheap) to take them to a tailor so instead I just fold the bottom under to make them the length I want.  (I'm also pretty certain I have spit-up stains on these jeans.  Luckily those are easily Photoshopped out.)

6- My toenail polish is chipped.  See #3 above.

7- My FitBit is my "arm party".  Since I'm attempting to get back in shape, I'm always wearing my FitBit and because of that, other bracelets feel clunky, especially for typing all day.  So basically, it's the only "jewelry" I wear these days- except for my Henry necklace, which I never take off.

8- This same background is in every picture.  I don't have time to go out "scouting" locations for the perfect backdrop that will make my outfit pop.  Instead, I rush outside to take photos in the 30 minutes that Henry is napping after daycare.  And I'm pretty certain it's illegal to leave a baby alone in the house while I drive around hunting that perfect location.

So there you have it.  I'm no longer a fashion blogger.  Believe me now?