Zillow: DIY Home Renovations

Geoffrey Butler

Now that we've shared our exciting news, I wanted to share with you a partnership I did with Zillow on DIY home renovations.  Luckily there won't be a whole lot to fix up at our new house other than adding our own personal touches, but I love these simple fixes to change the whole style of your home!

Simple do-it-yourself (DIY) home renovations can have a major impact on the aesthetics and appeal of a space. Additionally, homeowners who complete upgrades themselves can stay within budget constraints by avoiding pricy contractors.
Optimize living spaces to enjoy functional and beautiful lifestyles or make renovations to increase buyer interest. These five simple upgrades make average homes more desirable to house hunters looking for homes for sale in Pittsburgh.
1.     Update Kitchen Cabinets
Give the kitchen a makeover by sprucing up the cabinets without breaking the bank on entirely new installs. Add a fresh coat of paint to the cabinet doors and interiors. Alternatively, sand and treat with a coat of matte wood finish. Add character with trims such as ornate picture framing or crown moulding. Finish off by polishing the hardware or replacing new pulls with a more modern style.
2.     Revive with Paint
Refresh a bland room with a new coat of paint and balance the fresh hue with harmonious accessories throughout the room. Alternatively, create subtle depth and drama by painting one feature wall in a tasteful accent color. Trending paint choices for fall include neutral tones and metallic shades.
3.     Improve the Lighting
Layer lights throughout the house to enhance ambience and comfort. Start in the living room and replace harsh fluorescent lights with warm halogen bulbs. Add detail with a few floor or table lamps and cover with decorative shades. In the kitchen, add contemporary style track lighting or under-cabinet task lighting to create functional depth. Add classic romance to the master suite with a vintage chandelier. Installing dimmers is another inexpensive -- and energy-efficient -- way to upgrade lighting throughout the house without hiring expensive professionals. Dimmers enhance the preferred ambiance for any time of day for electricity-conscious homeowners and are simple to install.
4.     Create Additional Storage
Increase the amount of storage in the home to create more functional living spaces. Make use of vertical wall space by adding floating wall-mounted shelves. In the living room, add a functional chest to store bulky items including winter rugs and books. Add storage space to the bedroom closet by packing seasonal items in space-saving bags or moving to less-accessible locations such as the attic or garage. Finally, add hooks around the home for quick and neat storage of everyday items including car keys, handbags and coats.
5.     Spruce up the Backyard
Bring the lawn back to life by mowing regularly and spreading slow-release fertilizer. Tidy garden beds by adding decorative rocks or bricks as borders. Plant seasonal flowers and finish off with fresh mulch. Increase backyard privacy by hanging or installing lattices and adorn with vines and flowers. Finally, add some character with the inclusion of a birdbath and some garden stools or benches.
Invest a little time and money to reap major improvements in the overall look and feel of homes. For more great home improvement ideas and inspiration, check out Zillow Digs.
This post is sponsored by Zillow.  I used the app extensively when I was searching for our home and highly recommend it when you're on your house hunt.  Thank you for supporting the companies that help keep this blog running.