A Sneak Peek Into Our New Home

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we closed on our first home on Wednesday!!  I want to give you a sneak peek into our new home pre-Sarah's decorating and renovating spree.  I've listed below each photo things that we plan on doing with each space a bit at a time, so I'll have lots of "before and afters" coming at you over the next few months.  Also, I want to apologize for the quality of these photos.  I was losing light fast and my "nice" camera died so I had to use my iPhone.  Anyway, below are some pictures of our new home.

Front of the House: Eventually we want to paint the red portion of the house.  I love the stone work on the house and we're looking at a grayish-blue to better compliment it.

Back of the House: Other than needing to rake, we love that our backyard is surrounded by woods. The yard is very private.  Eventually we want to build a small deck off of the (current) breezeway, we'll put a swingset in the far portion of the yard and our patio furniture in the nearer portion with a small fire pit.

Breezeway: This will serve as our mudroom.  The first thing to go?  That hideous green carpet!  I have carpet tiles from work that we'll put in place until we can eventually completely redo this room and enclose it.  It connects the garage with the main portion of the house, which will be nice for the winter so I don't have to take Henry outside to get to the car.

Looking in from the front door: As soon as you step inside the house, the living room is to the left (below) and the dining room is straight ahead.  We'll add a console table to the entrance, but not much else needs to be finished.

Living Room: Eventually I'd like to add crown molding but for now this is a great room.  The floors are all original and in great condition.  We'll eventually change out the ceiling fan to either a more modern one or a chandelier.  We also ordered a bunch of new furniture for this room and are SO excited about it.

Looking back into the living room from the dining room.

Kitchen: The seller redid the kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.  We don't plan to do much to this room at all.  But we are SO excited to have more storage (including a pantry just outside the kitchen).  When you enter the home from the breezeway, you first step into the kitchen.  The door to the basement is also off the kitchen.

Full Bathroom 1: This will be mine and Henry's bathroom (because it has a tub).  The seller also redid both bathrooms (second bath below) and it is a DRAMATIC difference.  Before it was ALL blue (and I mean ALL), and I think he did a fantastic job.

Guest Room: This guest room is right next to the bathroom above.  It will also be where Brandon keeps all his clothes.  He gets up before me each morning so rather than having to root around and wake me up, he keeps his clothes in a separate room so he can actually get dressed with a light on!  If we decide to have another baby, this will be turned into the baby's room and the guest room will move to the basement.

Henry's Room: We'll be decorating his room in a vintage baseball theme- starting with vintage Red Sox memorabilia that I bought Brandon for our wedding day.

Looking into the hallway from first full bath.

Full Bathroom 2: Brandon's bathroom.  This bathroom just has a shower and is a bit smaller, so Brandon will mostly be using it for himself.

Master Bedroom: That wallpaper border and terrible curtains will be coming down ASAP.  It is a bit smaller than our bedroom now but it's a great room.  And we just bought a new bed.  Hello Comfort City!

Master Bedroom Closets: You guessed it, I get both closets.  Will there be enough room for all my clothes?  Doubtful but I'm going to attempt some tricky storage solutions to figure it out.

Basement: The portion on the right side of the pole will be where we put our current sofa and coffee table (since we bought new ones) and a TV for a little lounge area.  To the left of the pole we'll have a big play mat and some toys for Henry.  When you first walk down to this area, I'll also have a small office area.

Basement Storage: I love that this built in storage is here.  Mostly because we won't need to store so much stuff in our garage.  This basement is ENORMOUS so we're really excited to be able to organize it all.

Laundry Area: As I mentioned, our basement is HUGE so we'll have an entire section dedicated to laundry.  I've been dreaming up ideas to make this area look less "basement-y".

Divider in basement: The two sections of the basement are separated by this door that I plan to paint a really bright color and add a fun curtain.  I'm glad that we'll be able to close this off so that Henry isn't able to get into it and get himself into dangerous situations.