Home Update: Living Room

Yes, that's a baby recliner.  And it's amazing.  Thanks Gramma Joy!

Since you were kind enough to share with me your homes, I thought it was time to give you an update on the progress in our new home.  We've somehow gotten a TON done for only having been here two weeks.  But my mother-in-law stayed a couple extra days after we moved in, and my mom was here the following weekend and with them occupying Henry, B and I worked our buns off to get as much done as possible since as any parent knows- there's no getting anything done with a baby around.

Our living room is mostly done with the exception of hanging some art (still deciding what we want) and staining the legs of the coffee table and end tables to better match the dark browns in the room.  We stuck with a gray, white, and dark brown palette and I must say, I love it.  So take a walk around our living room and entry way!  (Ps... Sorry about the quality of the photos.  With the fading light I had to get some quick snaps in with my iPhone.  Damn you Daylight Saving!)