Styling Tricks

I'm a petite girl (new baby birthing hips notwithstanding) and don't often find clothes that fit me perfectly off the rack.  But since I can't afford to take all of my clothes to a tailor, I've learned over time a couple of things that help the clothes look better on my body.  Two of my favorites are SO simple (and you may already be doing them), and are shown below.

1.  Half tuck in your shirt.  You can see on the left when my shirt is just hanging that it makes me look all over boxier and wider.  A simple tuck in instantly gives me a waistline and keeps me from looking so short.

2.  Fold under your jeans.  Again, I can't afford to have all of my pants tailored.  So if I just fold them under slightly so that they rest right at my ankles, they look not only like they were made for me, but they are more flattering for my shape since there isn't the extra fabric dangling around my ankles.

Quick!  Give me your favorite simple styling tricks in the comments below.  I'll have a couple more of my styling tricks coming up later this month.  Stay tuned!