Two Years of Marriage

Our very first picture together, on our very first date

Today Brandon and I are celebrating our two year wedding anniversary.  Two years seems like such a short period of time for all that we've experienced together.  Somehow we've gone from being kids just trying to figure out life, to parents.  And every time I think about this ride I've been on, I can't begin to explain how good it feels that he is the one holding my hand through it all.

Our friends used to make fun of us for being in a room surrounded by others and we'd still be sitting in a corner whispering to each other.  He is still that same person to me- the only person I want to talk to, the one who makes my heart beat faster every single time he whispers to me.

Over the last two years I've learned that it's okay to fight and voice how you feel.  Because if you don't let your partner know how you feel, it'll cloud everything you do going forward.  I've learned that you should always find time for each other.  Even if it's just a few minutes to say I love you and give them a hug.  I've learned that sometimes saying "thank you" is more important than I love you.  I've learned that a random text or phone call throughout the day to let them know you're thinking of them can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day.  I've learned that you don't have to like everything your partner likes, but supporting them is a must.

Brandon has taught me all of these things and so many more.  And every day of our marriage I'm so grateful that he chose me to be his partner in life.