9 Ways I'm a Terrible Parent


Honestly, this post could be called either of those things, depending on your view on parenthood.  To me, my motto with parenthood is "Do what you have to do to survive", and that's how B and I have approached this change in our life.  So now allow me to demonstrate for you how we survive, a few of which will surely have us declared TERRIBLE PARENTS according to books and those parents who are doing everything right.

1.  I give him my iPad on occasion at night so that I can sit and relax and check my Instagram feed.

2.  We plop him down in front of The Simpsons (his favorite show) with a bottle so that we can get other things done.

3.  We let him sleep with one of us sometimes when it's 3 a.m. and he's been up 10 times already that night and we're just pleading for a little shut eye before we have to get up for work in a couple hours.

4.  I go to him when he cries.  EVERY TIME.  Not right away, and not when he's just whining.  But yes, when he cries, I go to him.

5.  He falls asleep on me (or sometimes B) every night.

6.  We let him dictate his bedtime, not a schedule.  We still follow a routine so he knows it's bedtime, but what time that happens is usually up to him (though he gets tired around the same time every night).

7.  We let him play with whatever he wants at a restaurant just so that he stays quiet and happy.  Well, I mean, not like knives and things- but menus, phones, toys- they're all up for grabs.

8.  We eat one at a time so that one of us is always keeping him entertained.

9.  I let him fall down.  I don't follow him around to ensure that he's never hurting himself- as much as I'd like to.  I let him just learn on his own, as long as he can't get REALLY hurt.

Now don't leave me hanging, tell me how are YOU a terrible parent? Us terrible parents have to stick together!