Henry: 10 Months

Dear Henry,

Well, in the past month you've gone from happy apartment baby to uncomfortable home-dwelling baby.  We moved into our first home in the last month and you've also begun teething (we think).  So needless to say, it's been a bit of a challenging month for us.  There isn't a lot of sleep happening in our new house.  But on the other hand, you're also growing so much!  You've pulled yourself up (once in front of us, lots of times at daycare- what gives?!), you're taking steps when using your walker, and you've begun kissing us in the most adorably disgusting way (mouth wide open, tongue sticking out).  To say that we're having fun with you is quite the understatement.  And now that we're preparing for your first holidays, we're really excited.  I know that this year you won't quite know what all the excitement is about, but just to have you with us this year is enough for me.

We entered you in a Gerber search this year, because seriously THAT FACE.  They'd be lucky to have such a happy, handsome baby in their ads.  But I have a feeling when you get older you're just going to say "Moooooooooom".  I love when I get you to daycare in the morning and you start waving at your "pal".  And luckily they still like to have you around.  I haven't heard any more stories about you screaming in other babies faces, so perhaps that phase has passed.  You're totally not into crawling and it appears you'll just take after me and walk.  I can't imagine this little tiny person walking around our house, but I also can't wait to see it.  My favorite part of the day is still when you fall asleep on me- though you've become a little too dependent on me so we're currently trying to break you of that and let Daddy be your comfort too.  Oh, and you've finally started to sort of say Mom.  Or at least, I think you're there.  Sometimes it's a little more "Nom" than "Mom", but I'll take it!

Y O U   L O V E

+ Playing with things you shouldn't be
+ Opening and closing doors
+ Pickles!
+ Things that make noise
+ Scooting everywhere
+ Spinning in circles on the floor
+ Sleeping with us (currently)
+ Mimicking us

Y O U   D O N ' T   L O V E

+ Sleeping in your crib (currently)
+ Vegetables (blaming your dad for that one)
+ Being alone in a room

Picture by the Christmas tree light- so not very good.

We love you, Mom and Dad

Weight: 20 lbs. Height: 27.5 inches

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