I Think I Might Be A Superhero

Okay, hear me out.  I think that I might be a superhero.  Let me prove it.

MOVES // Since becoming a Mom, I have insane reflexes.  My son is about to topple over and smack his perfect face on our hardwood floor?  I'm there before he even realizes he's falling.  Something is about to fall and smack my poor little boy in the head?  I got it!

SIGHT // Henry is about to eat cat food or about to play with the light sockets across the room?  I can see him, and I'm on top of it before any crunching occurs.

SMELL // I can smell my son's dirty diapers from 30 paces.  (I don't know how far that is, but let's just say I can smell it from far away.)

SOUND // I'm dead asleep to the world when I sleep now- unless of course my son makes a peep, then I'd wide awake listening for his next move.  As further proof: there was a fire just a couple of buildings away from our apartment, sirens were blaring at 1 am, AND our windows were open all night and I didn't hear a thing.

PAIN // I don't feel pain anymore.  I mean, I might swear if I stub my toe, but in general the only pain I feel is when my son feels pain.  And I manage to take as much pain from my son as possible by putting myself in the way of whatever will cause pain.

MY BODY // And let's not forget the most important thing- I BUILT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.  I mean, I built an actual little person with arms and legs and eyes and a heart that beats.  And then I pushed this human being out into the world for him to go on and live and love and be happy.

On second thought, maybe I'm not a superhero.  Maybe I'm just a Mom.  But really, isn't that the same thing?