Oh Italy, I Miss You

If you've been around since the days of Coming Unstitched, or if you know me personally, you know that B and I went to Italy for our honeymoon a couple years ago.  And lately with the normal stresses of life I've been really missing that time.  Whether it was because we were totally off the grid with no one to report to but each other, or if it was the magic of Italy, I find myself often missing being there. So in honor, an Italy photo dump to help me remember.

First stop: 3 days in Rome

It was so surreal to see places I'd always seen in movies- the Colosseum and the Vatican.  And it was also my first experience with Italy traffic- THEY DON'T STOP, and there are no lane dividers.  I was convinced more than once that we were going to be in an accident while in a cab.

Favorite experience: Walking back to our hotel from a bar at 3 am, having had a few glasses of wine with new friends and passing all of the historical monuments when the streets were quieter and it was just B and I holding hands.

Next stop: 1 night in Siena

Such a beautiful little town, we stayed the night here on our way to Florence.  The bad side of this?  B got food poisoning, so at 8 am I was wandering the streets of Siena looking for a pharmacy to get medicine- which is not easy to do when you don't speak the language.

Favorite experience: Sitting in the Campo watching people go about their business as we ate amazing gelato.

Next stop: 3 days in Florence, with a day trip to Pisa

Sadly we didn't get to explore Florence as much as we'd like because B was still sick, but the city was insanely gorgeous.  We also took a day trip to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and of course took the obligatory tourist photos.

Favorite experience:  Strolling along the Ponte Vecchio at nighttime.  It's as picturesque as all the photos books show.

Next stop: 2 days in Venice

By far our favorite city, Venice was incredible.  We got lucky because just a few days before, the city had been flooded.  It was actually very interesting to see how the city deals with flooding.  But talk about picture perfect.  Everywhere we walked I felt like we were in a postcard.  If I could only go back and visit one city from our tour, this would absolutely be it.

Favorite experience: Either the nighttime gondola ride, sitting on the Grand Canal having mimosas at 10 am and just watching the city go by, or sitting in a bar ordering a glass of champagne only to realize later that it cost $60 each- and just laughing and joking about it, and of course enjoying it.  Oops.

Final stop: 2 days in Milan

Milan was our last stop and I'll admit that by this point we were a bit ready to get back to our house and a city where people spoke English (note to self: learn the language next time).  But Milan was incredible and we spent our Thanksgiving in Milan having pasta and pizza and copious amounts of wine.  The Duomo in Milan is the most amazing architectural piece I've ever seen in my life.

Favorite experience: Having our own "very Italian" Thanksgiving dinner but also taking the time to call home and talk to everyone to wish them a happy holiday.

Thanks for allowing me this trip back down memory lane.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?