On Friendship

It took me awhile to realize that I had a handful of really great girl friends.  I had always grown up as one of those girls who was more comfortable around the boys, but suddenly I looked around and realized that when I needed someone, I always called one of my girls.  They're spread all around throughout a few different states, but they're always there- ready and available to help me.  And it's those kinds of friendships where we might not talk every day, every week or maybe not even every month, but they're still there- and I'm still there for them.

This past weekend I was able to see one of these girls, and I hadn't seen her since my baby shower- a good ten months prior.  Shana is a friend I made back when we worked retail together and we became incredibly close.  Our boyfriends were best friends (she eventually married hers), and as a foursome, we all became a little circle together.  When my boyfriend and I broke up after ten years together and I moved away, it put a bit of a strain on our relationship because it was hard to see that we had more in common than just our boyfriends as best friends.  We texted every once in awhile just to check in and reminisce but we never made the effort to get together.  So when we decided to meet up for dinner with her and her husband and her son, and B, Henry and I, I was a little concerned that we'd have nothing left to talk about.  Or that our husbands would feel uncomfortable together.  Or that our sons would go crazy and we'd be trying to get out of there as soon as possible.

It makes my heart grin now to think about that dinner.  About how we were able to pick up right where we left off.  How we were able to joke and laugh and remember good times and talk about new times.  How we can now talk about our lives as wives and mothers, and still remember dancing on tables.  And our husbands got along perfectly- a shared love of baseball makes even awkward conversations easy.  And after we left that night I couldn't help but thinking about how meeting up with them for dinner was exactly what I had needed.  Something to show me that no matter how many lifetimes ago it seems we met, that we're the same people and we still care about each other.

And it makes me smile to think about all of my girl friends, that I always have them in my corner ready to battle, ready to comfort, ready to laugh with.

Do you have friends like this?   Tell me about some of your very best friends.