On Knowing When It's Enough

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If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw that I was having a bit of a break yesterday:

I need to not be needed.

I need to not be a wife, a mother, an employee, a blogger, a designer, a friend, a sister, a daughter, just for a little bit. Just for a few minutes. I need to not be asked for something. I need to sit and be quiet and allow my mind to unwind. I need my shoulders to feel release from their permanent position near my ears. I need a bit of breathing room. I need to sleep uninterrupted. I need to eat uninterrupted. I need to read a book uninterrupted. I need a minute where I can just be Sarah. I need to block out the stress. I need to sit and stare at the wall. I need a minute to just be.

Anyone else ever feel this way?

Something in me realized that life had gotten to be a bit too much.  Between the house, Henry possibly teething, work, blogging, and travel for the holidays I was just beginning to feel incredibly overwhelmed.  For once though I actually expressed that.  Normally I keep it inside, put on a happy face and somehow battle through. 

I think I also realized that I maybe I need to take a step back and figure out how exactly to balance it all.  My mom once told me that I'm busier than three people combined and while that's possibly true, I've never felt those effects until now.  I'll be honest, I'm still not sure how to cut myself a break.  I'm not good at slowing down and taking things off my plate.  But I figured I'd start small.

+ I won't force myself to publish every day here on the blog.  Sometimes I have something to say, sometimes I don't.  And I'd rather wait and publish something when it's really good than just publish for the sake of publishing five days a week. 
+ I'm going to step back from the social media that doesn't make sense for me.  I love Twitter, I love scrolling through when I have a few minutes, but lately all I've been using it for is to push through links to my new blog posts.  I don't have the time to engage, and though that sucks, it's okay to not be everywhere all the time.  So because you all communicate so often with me through Facebook, please find me there if you need me.
+ I'm going to not stretch myself so thin when it comes to graphic design work.  I've really loved having this little bit of extra creativity to come through.  But sometimes at night I don't want to work anymore.  I just want to sit and laugh with my boys.  Or read a book.  Or paint my nails.  So I'm going to be scheduling those projects accordingly rather than taking a bunch on all at once.

I'm curious what YOU do to take a step back.  Let me know on Facebook.