I don't usually make New Years resolutions.  I try to set goals for myself throughout the year, and always have something to strive for or ways to be better.  I want to be a better wife, a better friend, a better mother.  I want to find new ways to be useful at work.  I want to be a better blogger and storyteller.  I want to begin to set myself up on a path for my future.  All of these things are not necessarily resolutions, but they are things I hope for in the new year.  I asked on Facebook what your new year resolutions are this year, and I loved hearing what you had to say.

"Be more patient, get a diet and exercise regimine to help weight loss surgery, read my bible in a year, stop being so judgmental, put my phone down more and live in the moment." - Amy C.

"To be a better woman of god, a more patient mother, and make more time for my husband." - Amanda W.

"To be more present and to treat my body well." - Bethany A.

"To keep trying my true meaning of happiness. I like to work on the mind. Working on losing weight is something that I can't put a resolution on." - Jessica P.

"Enjoy life to the fullest, answer to nobody but myself and realize I'm on the path I'm suppose to be on, even if it's different than others, this is MY path." - Sarah B.

"Be more organized!" - Julie M.

"I. Resolve to. Not make any resolutions." - Mavis F.

I hope that you all have an amazing and SAFE New Years Eve!  I'm really looking forward to the new year, to see where it leads us all.

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