What I've Been Doing


I've been in and out a bit on the blog this past week for a lot of reasons, but let's talk about a few of them.

TEETHING // It's as horrible as everyone has ever said.  And there are still no teeth to speak of in that little Henry mouth.  He does pretty well during the day because he's distracted.  But as soon as we put him down to sleep for the night you'd think his crib was made of razors.  He's not interested in sleeping in there, or at least not for longer than 40 minutes at a time.  This has led to some VERY exhausted parents.

READING // In our SH Book Club, we're reading Yes, Please by Amy Poehler.  I don't get much time to read at night, but I've really enjoyed hearing about how she got her start. Oh, who am I kidding- I like when she talks about celebrities so I can hear what they're "really" like.  Which leads me to believe I want to be best friends with Tina Fey.  If you've read the book, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

LISTENING // I might be the last one to discover it, but I'm hooked on Serial.  B and I spent all 7 hours in the car on our last trip to Toledo and back listening to the podcast and I'm totally hooked.  I just want to know if he did it!  Anyone else listening?

BUYING // We're trying to make our home feel "cozier", so I've been on the hunt for great deals on rugs.  But um, why are they so expensive?!  I recently bought one for Henry's room and one for our bedroom so I'm hoping the house will feel a little warmer soon.  I might have also bought a couple pairs of shoes from Forever 21, but I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor.

WISHING // That it was the end of the month.  My office shuts down between Christmas and New Years and I'm so looking forward to a mini-vacation.  (And NO, having a baby and being on maternity leave DOES NOT constitute as having a vacation.  If you think that's true, have a baby and then try telling me that again.)  Just me and little man at home every day all day- let's just hope the teething has calmed down a bit otherwise there might be a little boy for sale soon.

VOTING // For Henry, obviously.

BONUS:  I'm working on "getting over myself" as one Anonymous commenter most helpfully suggested.  So let's hope that by 2015 I've managed to work on this issue because no one likes a person that's all over herself.  Hey, Anonymous?  I do so appreciate your random mean-spirited comments, so I hope that you continue to read all about my life (as opposed to just not visiting my website) and I look forward to your future life hacks.