You Be The Doctor

Something is up with Henry.  We took him to the doctor last Tuesday and their diagnosis was "I don't know".  So now I'm reaching out to the Internet because I know that you guys know better anyway, right?!

His Symptoms + Extra hungry (but won't eat a lot at one time) + Very whiny (and as anyone who knows him in person, he does not whine) + Restless / not sleeping well + Gnawing on things + Drooling + Pulling at his ear + Very clingy / less independent

Doctor's Analysis + His ears look perfect (he just got over a double ear infection) + His throat is not red + No teeth are popping through + He has no rashes + "Physically he looks perfect" - the Doctor

Our initial thought was that he was teething.  (For reference, he is about 9 months and three weeks old and does not yet have teeth.)  The doctor said that some babies are miserable for up to a month before the teeth actually pop.  She also suggested that she could do blood work but that she didn't want to have to poke him for no reason and that she doesn't see anything that worries her so she'd rather not.

So my question to you guys- 

does this sound like teething?  Or something else? Tell me what you think on Facebook.