12 Months of Date Nights | January

Brandon and I didn't do Christmas presents this year.  With the purchase of our house, there was absolutely nothing that either of us really needed or even wanted.  Everything we need is for the house.  So instead of spending money on pointless things, we just skipped the gifts this year.  But I still wanted to do something to show that I appreciated him and all that he does for Henry and I.  I also wanted to get back a bit of the magic in our marriage. In comes 12 Months of Date Nights.  I created a little book that has one date for us to go on per month.  For one night a month we get to go out and just be us again.  For January our date was a couple's massage which we both desperately needed.  So that's what we did last night.  We met up after work (my mother-in-law is here watching Henry), and had a couple's massage at our favorite spa.  It wasn't something over the top exciting, but it was time for just B and I to be together and get to relax and not have to worry about anything else.  And that's really what date nights are all about, right?

Our February date is dinner and a movie and since it's been at least a year since we've been to a movie, let's just say that we're pretty excited about it.


Our date started at Toys R Us where we bought Henry his birthday presents (he's going to be one so soon!  And yes, I'm freaking out).


Brandon was super thrilled I was taking his picture while he filled out his form and got his foot bath.

Post-massage hair is a glorious thing.