Beautiful Inside And Out

Last week I admitted a whole bunch of things about myself to you guys.  And thankfully, no one seems to hate me after.  But after reading through what I had posted, one of my readers (hi April!) suggested that I challenge myself by doing a similar post, but this time posting what makes me "beautiful inside and out".  She also suggested getting input from B.  So I asked him.  And then he came up with this entire post of really nice things, and well, I just can't top that.  So instead, I'll just let him talk - and then write out the check to pay him for saying these nice things.

Hi Internet. Sorry I never really know how to start a conversation so I figured a cordial greeting would break the ice. I was asked to write about the qualities that make me think, nay very sure, that my wife is beautiful in all senses of the word. In theory this is really quite easy to answer.

She just is.

Yes, that is a cop out but allow me to explain.

In my life I have been lucky to be surrounded by strong, opinionated, and intelligent women (Hi Mom!). So it should come as no surprise that I would seek that out in a life mate. But I got more than I asked for in Sarah.

In this weirdly effortless way she allows me to be both independent and yet very dependent upon her. And therein lies one of the most amazing and beautiful things about her. She loves ME. She does not actively work to change me but instead allows me to blindly bump into things and learn from my mistakes as a husband and father.  She challenges me but does not criticize me. All the while laughing along with me. And god I love that laugh.

Sarah is without a doubt the most loving person I have ever met. It's not just that she is loving but she genuinely cares about the people she loves and feels both with and for them without showing pity.

Sarah lights up the room when she walks into it, which sadly as new parents seems to be the house and the grocery store since all of our time is spent raising a child lately.

She continues to amaze me each day as she gains these new Mom superpowers and constantly proves me right because I knew she would be an amazing Mother.

She's my best friend, my true believer, my favorite person to talk to, my beautiful arm candy.

My everything.