Henry: 11 Months

Dear Henry,

You're going to be one next month.  ONE.  What?!  Somehow these last few months have absolutely flown by and I'm staring down the barrel of having a toddler.  And boy, are you proving to be a "big boy" these days.  In the last month you've gotten in your first tooth (FINALLY) and working on the second, you've started pulling yourself up like a pro and walking all along the furniture, you can walk with your walker, and stand on your own for a bit at a time, you've started saying Mama (again, FINALLY), you high five and really understand the things that we say (though strangely, it seems you don't understand the word "No"!- we'll work on that).  You are incredibly smart and I know I say this every month, but you're SO HAPPY.  All the time.  And so incredibly sweet.  You charm the pants off of anyone you meet in a store, and the ladies at daycare seem to love you.  You're a big fan of the open mouthed kiss, and while it's incredibly disgusting, we can't get enough of those.  It's the best, most disgusting kiss ever!  We're working on hugs now.

I got to have you all to myself for a week and a half over the holidays and it made me never want to go back to work.  Although, thankfully, once you were back in daycare, you went back to sleeping through the night.  We're big fans of that.  We celebrated your first Thanksgiving and your first Christmas and through all of that travel we put you through, you never failed to amaze us at how happy and content you were.  We were afraid you'd end up cranky, but you never did.  You were showered with gifts for Christmas and we're still trying to figure out where to put everything.

With you being so mobile now, we can't ever turn our backs on you.  Whether it's sneaking over to the cat food (sorry, the cat still doesn't like you), or attempting to play with the (covered) electrical outlets, you're never in one place for long.  Thankfully you're still pretty independent so you'll play by yourself, but of course it's way more fun to play with Dad and I!  You've been eating "real" food now and clearly no longer like the taste of baby food (who can blame you)- so you're constantly begging to have a bite of our food at dinner each night.  Needless to say, I rarely get a whole meal to myself these days.

We upgraded you to a bigger car seat now that you've grown out of your infant one, and you've actually even caught up to your size in clothes, so you're somewhere between 9 and 12 months.  We had to buy you pajamas in the "big boy" section and while those little two piece sets look SO cute on you, it made me sad just a little.  You're growing up.  You are.  Right in front of my eyes, every single day.  Whether it's showing off your new found skill of standing up in your crib at 4 am and bouncing until we come get you, or attempting to chase the cat with that crazy scoot of yours, it's clear that you won't be my "baby" for much longer.  So until then I'll continue to let you fall asleep on me every single night, and I'll go to you when you cry because I can see that these days are numbered, and there is nothing better than these days right now.  Nothing.

Y O U   L O V E

+ Standing.  We cannot get you to stay seated anymore.
+ Walking around.  Though still hanging onto the furniture, you're VERY mobile.
+ Playtime before bath.
+ Splashing!
+ Any "real" foods.
+ Kittie
+ Open mouthed kisses
+ Open & closing doors / cupboards / books / anything that opens and closes
+ Being center of attention
+ Women (always checking them out!)
+ Playing with socks

Y O U   D O N ' T   L O V E

+ Baby foods
+ Having things taken away from you
+ Wearing socks
+ Getting dressed
+ Having diaper changed

Weight: 20 lbs, 3 oz (42nd percentile) Height: 29 inches (38th percentile)

See how he's grown, here!

We love you Henry,

Mom and Dad