5 Things I've Learned Since Becoming a Parent

1.  How to see life again.

When you're watching a tiny human grow and develop and you watch them see things and experience them for the first time, it reopens your eyes to things you once took for granted.  The height of the trees, or the feel of the snow, or the taste of frosting on a birthday cake.  Through a baby you get to see all these things with fresh eyes.  You get to see the world and life for what it truly is- a miracle.

2.  How to communicate with my husband.

Becoming a parent with someone is SO much different than becoming a spouse with someone.  No matter how well you get along, how in sync you are, there will be times that you clash- especially with the first baby.  Neither of you has an idea of what you're doing and the differences in the way you react to situations can feel insurmountable.  So I've had to learn how to communicate with B all over again.  And we have to work through our differences because it isn't just us anymore that we have to keep moving for.

3.  How to enjoy the little things.

Similar to #1, I have gotten the chance to enjoy the tiniest of pleasures all over again.  The smell of a baby fresh out of the bath, the feel of someone hugging me, the pure joy of his laughter.  And that extends to my relationship with my husband.  Because our time alone together is so limited, I'm now able to enjoy the everyday things I once took for granted (a quick kiss or hug) again and really cherish them.

4.  How to exist for someone other than myself.

I'm not just living life for myself anymore.  I have to get up every day for someone else who is completely dependent on me for everything.  And while that thought is completely terrifying, you quickly realize when you're a parent that you can do it - because you have to.  Any curveballs that will be thrown at you, you will be able to deal with them because this tiny person needs you to.

5.  How to love unconditionally.

There comes a point when you are so sleep deprived and all you want is another 15 minutes of sleep and you feel if you hear your baby cry one more time that you may run out the door and never come back.  But he cries, and you go to him and you realize that you can't be mad at him.  He's looking at you and smiling because he needs you and wants you and that thought, that you are the only thing in this world that he needs, is heart bursting.  And even though you're so tired you can't see straight, your heart has never felt more full.