A Whole Lotta Love

I'm not normally one to celebrate Valentine's Day.  In the past, B may have bought me flowers and we may have gone out to dinner, but it isn't a big holiday to me like it is to some.  This year it would've passed right by us again had it not been for my mom offering to come babysit so we could go out and enjoy our February Date Night.  So that's what we're doing tonight, we're braving the crowds and going out for dinner and a movie.  Not because it's Valentine's Day, but because it's parents night out!  HOWEVER, it IS Valentine's Day, and recently B told you guys some really sweet things that he loves about me, so I figured now is as good a time as any to tell you what I love about HIM.

He's so funny.  Like, really, really funny.  And even if I pretend not to like his dumb jokes, I'm still laughing on the inside (I hope he isn't reading this).  His hugs are all encompassing.  He wraps me up and I feel warm and safe and I never want him to let go.  I love watching him as a father, especially as Henry gets older.  He's so excited to play and teach him and I just KNOW Henry is going to idolize him growing up.  Brandon is also a romantic at heart.  He brings me flowers for no reason, he texts or emails me to just say hi, and he always asks me how my day was.  He tells me I'm beautiful all the time, even when I couldn't feel less so.  He makes me feel calm when I'm feeling anything but- just by holding my hand.  And he's SO supportive of everything I want to do in life.  He wants to make sure all of my dreams come true, no matter how crazy they may seem.  He's my biggest fan and I know he always has my back.  And last but not least, he's hot.  In dress clothes, in sweatpants, he's so, so handsome.  I'm proud every time I walk into a room with him.  I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that he is my very best friend and I'm thankful every day that he chose me.

I also asked my pals over on Facebook what it is that they love about their significant other.  I really loved reading the responses and wanted to share them here:

"His sense of humor and taste in music. Nobody else I know can go from Faith Hill and Tim McGraw to WuTang or start out listening to Rick Ross and finish out the playlist with Heart." - Amy C.

"His sense of humor, and the amount of love he has for me and our ninja!" - Shana B.

"How much he loves our kids. How hard he works for our family so that I can stay home with our kids." - Jodi G.

"That she tolerates my idiotic hobbies and dreams." - Lucas S.

"The way he makes me laugh so hard, I snort." - Crystal A.

"How much he makes me laugh! And that he always thinks I'm beautiful." - Joy S.

"When we partied, he was a happy drunk, loved kids, and had great looking legs." - Kay S.

"He holds my hand when we sleep!" - Tracey T.

"Selflessness" - Stephanie J.

"He just gets me....the bad, the good, the crazy. When I'm having a hard time he sends me to starbucks by myself with a book. It's the little things when life is hard, and you're surrounded by your kids. It's those times when you know they love you the most. That is what I love most about him." - Rheanna C.

"He's forgiving and understanding." - Jessica S.

"I love my husband because he took the time to understand me. I love the way he smells after working on our new home. The way he smiles at me and only me. The way we can look across the room and know exactly what the other is thinking. I love his stories, jokes, past, present and most of all our future!" - Sara S.

"He makes me feel safe. He's a police officer, so it comes naturally to him, but he would make me feel that way even if he wasn't...and his blue eyes!" - Jenny K.

"He takes care of me but when he's not around I love him!! He surrounds me with that special feeling of being wanted!!!!!!!" - Lori H.

"His sense of humor, ability to make me smile and the sacrifices he makes so that our girls are home with us and not at daycare." - Kelly S.

"He grounds me and makes everything feel like it will be okay. He is an ideal counterpoint to everyday craziness and the sweetest man I have ever met." - Kimiko S.

"She sees the best in everybody no matter how hard she tries not to. She laughs at my dumb jokes. She tries her best. She brings out my best. She's my hero." - Arliss S.

"He loves me unconditionally and tells me I'm beautiful every day!!" - Joy S.

"He tells me I'm beautiful every day. He will try to find a way to make all my dreams come true. Right now, I'm lucky enough to be able to stay home with our boys (now you know why #1 is so impressive; I've gone months without makeup ). He cries in movies (commercials, tv shows; big joke he's the woman, I'm the man) he has so much love for our boys + me. These are a few of my favorites." - Kerry S.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  

I hope no matter if you're married or single that your day is full of love.