Being Your Best You

By: Lola B


My fingers rest on my keyboard as I sit in the quiet of the late morning. Newly fallen snow hits the ground as winter is ever present.  The smell of warm coffee fills the chill in the air. I sit under my heated blanket while my mind looms as to what direction to go…When the call came to submit something for Sarah’s blog, I immediately thought this was an opportunity to push myself to write, something I love to do. But what? What do I write about?


The New Year inevitably brings us to take a look at the year ahead. Goals to be met. Changes…Diet, exercise, and all around wanting being a better person. So let’s start with You. Being a better You. We all carry the weight of our own insecurities…The question is: Why? I’m a firm believer in being your best You. I tell myself and those around me…never allow the world to have the pink slip on You. When you start the day, you go to your closet and get dressed…If for a moment you dress yourself and step out and worry “what will others think?” Then turn around and try again. My point? I remind myself to be my most authentic self, no matter how I walk, talk or dress. After all, we live this life for “You”, why allow others to have an impact on being your best You?


Sure we all have doubts. We all have insecurities. But we should never let those things define who we really are. When I walk into a room, I hold my head high, shoulders back and eyes forward. I like to think I’ve just walked into an empty room, and there’s no one to place judgment on how or who I am. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really concern myself with what others think, but, I am human and the ever present doubts sometimes set it…until I bring it back to me. I like myself. Can you say the same for You? If the answer is no, or if there are areas of your life you don’t like…then do something to change it.


You know those people who complain…coulda, shoulda, woulda? Well those people aren’t doing anything except “shoulding” all over themselves. Get what I’m saying? They’re all talk. I like to put my words into action. Now this doesn’t mean that I’ve not gotten on the horse and fallen off a few times, but can safely say…it’s made me stronger. I’ve chosen to fall away from the world’s opinion of my best “You”.


In your mind visualize this: You are a house. It’s yours and it’s up to you to decide how you want to decorate it…or allow people in. Make positive choices…and if ever you second guess if others don’t like the décor…then it’s not meant to be in the house.

Change takes time to fall away from old patterns. In life. Friendships. Relationships…I’m a work in progress…but I love the work. I love Me some Me. I hope you can say the same about You. 


Lola B resides in northern Indiana. She works in higher education and has been a loyal follower to blogging. Lola is a mother of two and has one grandson. Above all else, she strives to be the best version of herself and passionate about all things life. Family. Friends. Photography and writing. One day she hopes to return to the blog world with words of wisdom in hopes to make an impact on others around her.


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