He Knows Me

One of my absolute most favorite milestones with Henry is when he began recognizing who I am.  Granted, I think he always knew that I was someone that would take care of him and protect him, and I'm sure he recognized my voice from being in my belly.  But when he really learned, when he saw me walk into a room and his face lit up from recognition, THAT was incredible.

Both my mom and mother-in-law have commented that they've never seen a baby light up the way Henry does when he sees B and I.  That they've never seen a baby get so excited about seeing his parents the way Henry does.  And it's a pretty incredible feeling, let me tell you.  Every day when I pick him up at daycare, as soon as he hears my voice he turns around with the biggest grin and comes scooting over to me.  When my mother-in-law was watching him last week and I got home from work, Henry would start screaming and spinning in circles on the hardwood floor, and scoot over to me as quick as his little legs would let him.  He'd give me a hug, an open mouthed kiss, and put his little forehead to mine (his unofficial "love tap"- which is often times more like head butting).

Being able to make him that happy simply by my presence is one of the most profound feelings I've ever experienced.   I love being able to make him feel safe and secure.  And each night as he falls asleep, he has a tendency to shift around until he finds a spot that's right over my heart.  And it's there that he rests his head and finally drifts off into sleep.  As if the sound of my beating heart, that he heard for 9 months from the inside, is his own personal, calming sleep machine.

This kid.  I tell ya.  What a gamechanger.