Henry's Baseball Birthday Party

On Saturday we held Henry's first birthday party at our new house.  And we didn't go small.  With 50 people visiting (mostly from out of town) to celebrate, it was quite literally a full house.  But it was incredibly amazing to see all those people who love Henry driving all this way to see him.

We have decorated Henry's room in a baseball theme (a vintage baseball theme, that is- a room tour to come soon) and so we ran with that for his party as well.  And I quickly became the crazy mom who wanted the day to be absolutely perfect- not to mention this was the first time that most people were seeing our new home. Let's just say the weeks leading up to the day were fairly crazy.  So now, a photo dump of some action from the day.

These "Team Hartley" shirts were a couple of my favorite purchases.  And because B is determined to call Henry "Hank", I decided to placate him for the day with "Hank" on the back of Henry's shirt.

I designed these invites myself and I must say, I was pretty proud of them.

My favorite touch was the section, row and seat numbers - also known as Henry's birthdate.

As I mentioned, we really ran with the baseball theme.  So on the "treat" table, I had boxes of popcorn, cracker jacks, twizzlers, cupcakes with MVP flags, and of course a cake with the same theme.  My favorite part of this table is that baseball bat.  We asked everyone to sign the bat as a keepsake for Henry that we'll hang in his room so he can see how many people really love him.

I asked my friend Hannah to make a card letting everyone see Henry's milestones throughout the year.  And it came out AMAZINGLY.  And on the right?  Well, this is where you may think that I'm crazy.  Around 3-4 months of age, I realized that I had been taking a photo of Henry EVERY DAY.  So from that point on, I made it a mission to keep going so that I could combine them all in a notebook.  So this is a photo a day for 365 days of his life.  And as much work as it was, I couldn't be more thrilled that I followed through.  Watching him change through the photos is going to be an amazing keepsake, and I can't wait to show him someday.

That face.  I just love this little boy so much.

Thanks for the picture, Amy!

Henry did a lot of snuggling with me during the day, I think he was overwhelmed, but I was happy to indulge it.

I made his baseball smash cake (a cake decorating profession is NOT in my future), and he was so funny with it.  I don't think he likes to have his hands dirty so he didn't smash it so much as gingerly touch it.  Perhaps it was a bit anticlimactic.  But I did really love hearing all of those people sing to him!

Opening gifts is always an uncomfortable thing for me, but it was so fun to see all of Henry's new toys.  Now, where do we put them all?!

Just as a random note, one of my favorite things about the day was that ALL of my siblings were here.  The five of us are VERY rarely in one place and having them all here for my son was so heartwarming to me.  These four are so special to me.


All in all, the stress of preparing for this party was so worth it.  I loved having everyone in our home celebrating our little man.  He is definitely worth it.