Henry's First Birthday

Yesterday, our little man turned one, as you know.  And B and I decided to both take the day off work and go on a little adventure with Henry- even though he probably won't remember anything about the day.  But we wanted to spend the day celebrating him and doing all kinds of things we know he enjoys.  Recently we discovered that he really loves watching fish, so we decided to take him to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, and a few other places around the city.  (It should be noted, we ACTUALLY wanted to take him to the Pittsburgh Aquarium but it was closed for renovations until the 13th. Major bummer.)  We had such a wonderful day with our little guy and of course I took a boatload of pictures.  Prepare to be overwhelmed.


Part One : The Diner For Breakfast

We started the day at a diner down the road from our house because this kid LOVES breakfast food.  So we got him a pancake the size of his head, some eggs, and a biscuit.  He ate almost ALL of that pancake- and was sweet enough to share some with me.

Part Two: The Greater Cleveland Aquarium

The main excitement for the day was to take Henry to the Aquarium.  Since it was a Monday afternoon there was no one there which let us wander at our own pace.  We originally put him in his stroller which only lasted about five minutes because we realized he wasn't able to see a majority of the displays.  So we took turns carrying him throughout.  He was so funny watching the fish move and he giggled often while standing in front of the tanks.  It seemed he liked the stingrays best.  (Editors note: Stingrays feel really slimy!  I was able to touch one and it creeped me out a little.)  Brandon loved being in the shark sea tube with sharks swimming all around us- I on the other hand, wasn't as big a fan.

Part Three: The West Side Market

After the Aquarium we headed a few minutes over to the West Side Market where we picked up a cupcake for us all to celebrate (more on that later).  We walked around eyeballing all of the food and thinking how delicious it sounded but realizing we were way too lazy to cook.

Part Four: Melt

We then needed to refuel so we headed over to Melt, famous for its grilled cheese.  (If you know me, you know I hate cheese, so this was obviously not my choice of restaurant.)  If you aren't familiar with Melt, it's very hipster-esque so our baby fit right in with his vintage MTV sweatshirt and beanie hat.

Part Five: Home, Presents & Cupcakes

We headed home to give Henry his gifts from us, his cupcake and to relax and play the rest of the night.  The highlight of his gifts was this Lightning McQueen (I think) car for him to ride around in.  This kid LOVED it.  There is video proof of this AND of him dancing to the music on Instagram.  It's a must-see.  We also gave him his cupcake from earlier in the day and it appears his cup got to enjoy most of it.

I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend our son's first birthday.  He was such a happy baby all day and had us laughing and feeling so thankful that he is ours.

Happy birthday you beautiful boy.  Thank you for being in our lives.